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Dittostack on macbook pro

Clipboard History Manager for Mac

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Compatible with macOS Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Catalina


Dittostack is a mac native clipboard history manager with a minimal design, styled to resemble Spotlight search. It is designed to give you fast access to text and files you have previously copied in order to re-use them.

It focuses on speed and efficiency to create the optimium workflow for copy and paste operations. Launch Dittostack from any anywhere using the keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + v. Browse or search your copy history and choose an item to paste.

Every new item you copy will be recorded by Dittostack and made available to you for re-use.

Dittostack main screen

Search Copied Items

Use Dittostack to quickly search your clipboard history and access items you have previously copied. The search has been optimised to be as fast as possible. The search results are displayed in the list on the left and the selected item is displayed as a preview on the right. Once an item has been selected, simply press the enter key to paste it. This will copy the item to your pasteboard, close Dittostack, and then paste the item in the application that you are working in.

Dittostack search view

Files and Folders

Files and Folders that you have copied will also be displayed in Dittostack. A preview of the selected File or Folder will be displayed in the preview panel on the right.

Dittostack files and folders view

Works with Multiple Screens

Dittostack will always appear on the screen you are working on. When using multiple screens, Dittostack will be launched on the screen that the mouse cursor is currently visible on.

Dittostack mutliple monitors view


Items copied from applications that contain sensitive data, such as password managers, can be ignored. These applications can be configured in the preferences. Selected items can be deleted from Dittostack by pressing the Command + Delete keys, or by using the Clear All option in menu bar.

Dittostack security options